11 Characteristics of Parents of High Achieving Readers

Which ONE characteristic separates high achieving readers

(By far!) from other readers?

Parents of good readers tend to do all of the following, however,

parents of the highest scoring readers tend to do this one thing

far more often than parents of average and struggling readers.

Which do YOU think it is?


Parents of successful readers:

(1) want their children to succeed

(2) impart a sense of the importance of education and have high expectations for their children

(3) impart a love for reading and value reading together

(4) like, enjoy, and respect their children and are willing to spend time, money, and effort to nurture literacy

(5) believe in the adage that the parent is the child\'s first teacher

(6) know what\'s going on at school and in their child\'s literacy life

(7) believe they can have an impact on their child\'s literacy development

(8) provide literacy artifacts, especially children\'s materials in their home

(9) read to their children often

(10) serve as role models as readers themselves

(11) provide effective literacy interactions (Spiegel, 1992)


What is it that parents do that is most impactful in separating

outstanding readers

from average and struggling readers?

Share what you think (1, 2, 3, …11) in the survey, below.

I\'ll provide your most popular responses, as well as the research data,

next week.