Are you worried about your child's academic success?

We know you want the best for your child.

We understand that you may feel frustrated and helpless.

You aren't alone. We hear from parents like you every day.

You have what it takes.

We exist to equip and encourage you so that you don't have to feel helpless anymore.

We provide all the resources you'll need to engage your child in fun-focused reading lessons.

Too many children are struggling to learn to read. Dr. Christina Williams, Ed.D. created FOUNDATIONS FOR LITERACY to help struggling readers actually understand how words work. These fun-focused lessons help kids learn the code upon which our language is based.

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FOUNDATIONS FOR LITERACY is a step by step guide through fun-focused phonics lessons that help kids to read and spell well. We've made it so easy that thousands of parents are helping their children thrive. They are not only seeing dramatic improvements, they are having fun in the process.

What parents like you are saying...

“We BOTH looked forward to class each Saturday morning. We couldn’t wait to see what fun activities Dr. Christy would have planned for us and which books she would share. I was fascinated by her clever ideas for helping kids “crack the code” of reading. Not only does Dr. Christy have a Ed.D. in Early Literacy, she has years of experience as a classroom teacher right here in our community! This class is well worth the time and money. It was an investment in my child’s literacy that I am so glad I made!”

–Emily M., Educator and Author

"We cannot thank you enough for your amazing support on our literacy journey! I am super happy to report that James improved his MAP score in reading by 18 points from Fall to Winter and he achieved the required 194 to meet the third grade guarantee!

We are forever grateful to you and the Book Bums crew for carrying us across this finish line!!"

-Michelle L.

Text Message 9/13/2019

"Tommy apparently scored lowest of all the second graders in their initial assessment. I am so confused and discouraged about that."

Text Message 2/6/2020

"I just left Tommy's conference and wanted to tell you that I left crying tears of JOY this time. He is completely "caught up" to the averages. His teacher told me she thinks he is the best student she has ever had at sounding out words phonetically."

-Casey P.

3 Step to Raising a Soaring Scholar!

Step 1

Take the Assessment

It's completely FREE. You can either do it at home or at Book Bums with a F.F.L. trained educator.

Step 2

Purchase a F.F.L. Kit

Based on your child's assessment, we will send you the right kit or recommend the right class for your child.

Step 3


After our students finish their final lesson, they are dubbed #FFLSuperReaders and we present them with their capes.

Why Phonics? Why FFL?

There are thousands of words and it is unrealistic to think your child can simply memorize all of them. But, our language is code based and you can teach your child to decode words by sharing with them how words work. We will give you the tools to help your child crack the code. This guarantees their reading and spelling success.

P.S. It will be fun!

4th Graders who were proficient or avanced Readers.
Students who remain off track after school intervention, up to
Struggling readers whose parent's are college educated.
Student who struggle in 1st grade are still struggling in 7th grade.

Making Words with Dr. Christina.

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Get your FREE lesson with Dr. Christina. She will walk you and your child through the basics of reading and spelling words.

We make the sounds we see.

This is a no guess zone.

Parent Resources

22 Ways to Help Your Child Overachieve

You can strengthen your children’s reading and writing by reading aloud with them. Okay. So that’s not ground-breaking news. You’ve heard it a thousand times, right? Let me say, here, that I bet you could do it so much better than you’ve been doing it. I have some teaching tips that I’d love for you […]

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Reading to Your Kids

Reading to your kids is so very important. Even with high stakes tests hanging over my shoulders, as a classroom teacher I invest the time to read aloud to my students every single day because I believe that it is the best way to promote a love for books*. But reading aloud offers so much […]

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

If you’re listening to your young reader read aloud—which you absolutely should be doing, nearly every day— and s/he stops to look up toward the ceiling, you might have a problem to address. Here it is: Readers who are looking up are either 1) trying to remember the word or 2) they are praying that […]

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Wiggling Readers

Is your child is a fiddler? Sorry. I don’t mean, “Is your child one who plays a fiddle?” I mean, “Is your child one who, when trying to read a book, plays with a shoelace (or, God forbid, Velcro!) or incessantly flips the corner of the page or taps a toe against the chair leg […]

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Readers Read and Writers Write

Are you ready for a fun and productive summer with your kids? I’ll be posting fun-focused activities, that both you AND your kids will enjoy! To get the summer started right, simply gather some tools and set a schedule for reading and writing. DO NOT read or write today! Put it off. Plan it for […]

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It’s More Than Just A-B-C’s

When thinking about teaching kids to read, what comes to mind? Chances are, you think about the alphabet. We teach kids that catchy tune, slap some letter magnets on the fridge, and drag out the alphabet puzzles. That’s a great start! But what kids really enjoy is getting your feedback about how they’re doing with […]

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Talk With Kids: Let’s Get Real

Talking With Kids . . . Let’s Get Real 7 Tips for Talking With Your Child 1) One thing I’ve learned as an educator is to stop talking so darned much. When teachers and parents go on and on (and on and on) blabbering about something we want kids to know, we really can sound […]

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Are You Speaking Your Child’s Love Language?

Are You Speaking Your Child’s Love Language? Dr. Gary Chapman says that each of us has a preferred love language- a way in which we best receive the love of those around us- a way that best speaks to our hearts. Some of us feel loved when someone shares quality time with us. Others feel […]

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“My Kids Don’t Listen to Me!”

  “My Kids Don’t Listen To Me!” When I speak of my desire to teach parents to teach their young kids to read, even before they enter a classroom, that’s the response that I often hear from parents. So why would kids respond to their teachers or tutors more readily than they would their moms […]

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Say No to Guess and Go!

Every parent in my school community knows about sight words. They may be called star words, snap words, or something else, but we know what they are. Early childhood classrooms feature from 25 to more than 100 words students must know on sight by the end of the school year. That’s not a problem—the fluent […]

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