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 Our new hours are:

8:30am-8:00pm Monday through Friday

9:00am-2:30pm Saturday

Closed Sunday

You can find Book Bums inside the Kids First Sports complex, located at 7900 E. Kemper Road.  We look forward to serving you soon!

  To learn what Book Bums is and how it came to be, read on!

They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it anyway!

Did what? We created Book Bums; a coffee shop, restaurant, lending library, and learning center– all with an absolute commitment to promoting literacy and positively impacting families in our community. Okay, so you can look around and see the coffee shop and dining area. You can even see the lending library. What you can’t see is a holistic approach to childhood education. We give kids the tools they need to succeed in the critical first years of formal education, and we help parents to confidently assume their roles as their children’s most important teachers. Our methods are research driven and proven effective.

As a reading intervention specialist at Shawnee Elementary in 2006, I asked every 5th and 6th grade student in our school, “Who reads with you?” The responses to that question were quite telling. Every student who stated that one or both parents read with them on a regular basis not only required no reading support (their skills were very strong), but they loved reading. I began asking myself, ”How can I get the parents of the students with whom I work (low reading skills) to read with them?”

This question led me, the founder of Book Bums, to the most current research about equipping and inspiring parents to take the lead in their children‘s reading and writing lives.

My name is Christy Williams. I am a graduate from local Lakota High School (1982), earned my Bachelor‘s degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati (1988), earned my Master‘s degree in Reading and Literacy from Walden University (2004), and completed my doctorate in Teacher Leadership (2012). The focus of my research study was parents’ impact on their children’s literacy achievement. I am also a second grade teacher at Independence Elementary School.

With the firm belief that we are called to invest in others, I began dreaming about Book Bums and how our family might go about creating a place where reading is fun and where parents could learn how to most effectively support their children as readers- and truly enjoy doing so. My husband agreed to share in making the dream a reality, and he has come alongside me as my business partner and the store manager at Book bums.

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