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We transform your stuggling reader into a thriving student.

Too many parents are worried because their kids are struggling to read and spell well. At Book Bums, we use explicit, systematic phonics instruction to transform struggling readers into excelling students.

To be a successful student, your child needs to be a successful reader.

We know you want the best for your child.

If your child is struggling, you may be worried or frustrated.

You aren't alone. We serve parents like you every day.


We Will Get Your Child Back on Track.

Improve Confidence

Your child will have the confidence to take on new academic challenges.

Better Scores

Your child’s grades across all subjects are impacted by reading skills.

New Opportunties

Your child has opportunities to enjoy activities inside and outside of the classroom.

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Book Bums Tutoring uses the Foundations for Literacy (FFL) curriculum created by Dr. Christina Williams Ed. D. throughout her 30 years of teaching and in response to scientific research regarding how to effectively teach students to read and spell. The research makes clear that explicit, systematic phonics instruction, leaning into an awareness of phonemes, is required to accurately navigate the code upon which our language is based. The Foundations for Literacy curriculum is a fast, fun, and highly-effective alternative to the inadequate “strategies” that have infiltrated our school system.

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What parents like you are saying...

“We BOTH looked forward to class each Saturday morning. We couldn’t wait to see what fun activities Dr. Christy would have planned for us and which books she would share. I was fascinated by her clever ideas for helping kids “crack the code” of reading. Not only does Dr. Christy have a Ed.D. in Early Literacy, she has years of experience as a classroom teacher right here in our community! This class is well worth the time and money. It was an investment in my child’s literacy that I am so glad I made!”

–Emily M., Educator and Author

"We cannot thank you enough for your amazing support on our literacy journey! I am super happy to report that James improved his MAP score in reading by 18 points from Fall to Winter and he achieved the required 194 to meet the third grade guarantee!

We are forever grateful to you and the Book Bums crew for carrying us across this finish line!!"

-Michelle L.

Text Message 9/13/2019

"Tommy apparently scored lowest of all the second graders in their initial assessment. I am so confused and discouraged about that."

Text Message 2/6/2020

"I just left Tommy's conference and wanted to tell you that I left crying tears of JOY this time. He is completely "caught up" to the averages. His teacher told me she thinks he is the best student she has ever had at sounding out words phonetically."

-Casey P.

Why Phonics? Why FFL?

Students who remain off track after school intervention, up to
4th Graders who were proficient or avanced Readers.
Student who struggle in 1st grade are still struggling in 7th grade.
Struggling readers whose parent's are college educated.

There are thousands of words in the English language. It is unrealistic to think your child can simply memorize them all. Our language is based on a code and the Foundation for Literacy curriculum helps our tutoring students crack that code. This rare skill all but guarantees your child’s ability to read and spell well.

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