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of students who receive intervention from their school remain off track.

of students who were off track in 1st grade remained off track in 7th grade.

of 4th grade student are not considered proficient or advanced readers.

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When you order you will be given online access to all the resources you need to enjoy these fun reading lessons with your kids. You will also receive a box in the mail with all the snacks, gadgets, and gizmos needed for each lesson.

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Videos like this one.

Intimidated about teaching your kids? Have no fear. Dr. Christina Williams will also be giving you full access to her library of lesson videos. Sit with your child as she walks you and your child through these fun-focused lessons. She even reads the book to you just in case you don't have it.

25 Lessons that crack the Code!


 Phonemic awareness and the Science of Reading are the foundation of the FFL program. FFL Scholars will learn games and tactile movements to solidify thier knowledge of reading.


Builds on the foundations  with essentials to reading that will repeat thoughout the FFL courses. FFL Scholars are using tools they are learning by playing to build lifelong skills.


Goes to the next level to introduce phonemic concepts that are promenant in everyday english. FFL Scholars use the skills in everyday reading.


Adds more building blocks on the foundation to decode concepts that may seem like exceptions.  Our Scholars know with great confidence.


Giving an upper floor for our foundation. FFL Scholars have confidence that they can read anything. There is no roof on this foundation.  FFL Scholars will thrive!

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Book Bums. by Malinda Hartong, @TheHartongs | Photojournalists

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