Alphabet Letters Meet Home Decor

I admit it. I am a bit picky about things in my house as far as the décor goes. You may be, too. If that’s the case, you (like me) may have an aversion to primary colored letters hanging around. I solved that problem by visiting my local hardware store. I bought some spray plastic primer and some spray chalk paint, and now I’ve got letters I can live with! Here’s what I used:

*I used black primer for my classroom letters and white primer for the letters in my house.

*I used black chalkboard paint for my classroom and cream chalk paint for the letters in my house.

You’re going to have lots of fun helping your kids remember the names of the letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds each letter represents. Remember, what kids really enjoy (need, actually) is getting your feedback about how they’re doing with all of those things. YOU provide the energy that grows your kids into readers!