Becoming A Reader, A Cautionary Tale

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When I was six years old, I was going through a \”rough patch.\” I hated my first-grade life. My single mom had moved into an apartment building, and my bike was stolen during the first week we were there. I had a mean teacher who swatted me on the legs when I did something wrong, […]


11 Characteristics of Parents of High Achieving Readers

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Which ONE characteristic separates high achieving readers (By far!) from other readers? Parents of good readers tend to do all of the following, however, parents of the highest scoring readers tend to do this one thing far more often than parents of average and struggling readers. Which do YOU think it is?   Parents of […]

Phonemic Awareness

Say No to Word Families

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Teaching kids to read? Do not use word families. Here\’s the problem: Let\’s say we have a teacher who is spending a whole week focusing on /at/ words. You know- hat, mat, fat…  Next thing you know, the children see the words hated, mating, and father, and what children were taught is hindering them, not […]


Alphabet Letters Meet Home Decor

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I admit it. I am a bit picky about things in my house as far as the décor goes. You may be, too. If that’s the case, you (like me) may have an aversion to primary colored letters hanging around. I solved that problem by visiting my local hardware store. I bought some spray plastic […]