Your First Day Back in the Primary Classroom, 2021

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Since it’s usually crazy returning from a break and getting back into those classroom routines, this is the perfect time to try something new—something that can absolutely transform your students’ reading and spelling skills. Day 1, Back in the Classroom On the very day you arrive back in your classroom, please set aside 15 minutes […]


22 Ways to Help Your Child Overachieve

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You can strengthen your children’s reading and writing by reading aloud with them. Okay. So that’s not ground-breaking news. You’ve heard it a thousand times, right? Let me say, here, that I bet you could do it so much better than you’ve been doing it. I have some teaching tips that I’d love for you […]


Readers Read and Writers Write

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Are you ready for a fun and productive summer with your kids? I’ll be posting fun-focused activities, that both you AND your kids will enjoy! To get the summer started right, simply gather some tools and set a schedule for reading and writing. DO NOT read or write today! Put it off. Plan it for […]