Foundations For Literacy

Foundation Box

Foundations for Literacy is a series of fun-focused lessons designed to teach young kids to read, while also equipping their parents to be their children’s favorite reading teachers. Think of it as fun-focused, pre-planned weekly play dates that include books, snacks, games, and more. Each lesson builds upon the previous ones, and in just a matter of weeks, kids are reading.

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Foundations for Literacy 3
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Handwriting Workshop

Most teachers do not invest instructional time for handwriting. Kids who do not form their letters correctly are not writing efficiently and are often accused of rushing or just being too sloppy. Kids who have “good” handwriting are scored more approvingly. People often judge the worth of writing with a bias toward neat work. Give your child every opportunity to shine. Don’t let poor penmanship interfere with your student’s academic success. In this workshop, I offer a logical progression for letter formation, and lots of tips for helping you to raise writers who write so that their thoughts can actually be read.

Story TIme (Tuesday/Friday)

Lap Time, rhyme time (wednesday)

We also have Book Clubs for all ages!


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