Foundations of Literacy

Watch the video above to see Dr. Christy Williams discuss the goal of the Foundations of Literacy classes and how they came to be.

Foundations of Literacy is a parent/child Make-It-Take-It workshop that promotes phonemic awareness, the alphabetic principle, and phonics. Each session begins the first Saturday of alternating months. Each session is 5 weeks long and cost $75 per child.

Check out what past participants have to say about our Foundations classes:

“It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Since the class, my daughter and I have practiced her phonemes using the tools (games) that we learned in class and I’m blown away how far she’s come in just a WEEK! Looking forward to this Saturday. Christy is an amazing teacher and Book Bums is a gem of a place.”  –Erica Ellsberry Hamilton, via FaceBook on 11/6/2014

“My daughter benefited greatly from participating in the program.  This was her first literacy class, and it certainly won’t be the last that we register for at Book Bums.  Miss Christy is a natural teacher.  She meets her students wherever they are academically and socially then comfortably leads them to the next steps of their development.  My daughter felt safe enough to take risks with her learning, and she definitely reached the goals of the program.  The Saturday mornings we spent in the Foundations of Literacy One class were worth our time and resources.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has an emergent reader and who is looking for a nurturing yet authentic experience for their young reader.”     –Heather Maguire

“My son struggled with learning to read since he was only started learning English two years ago after coming from China.  Nothing we tried really clicked until Dr. Christy’s class – from reading quality children’s literature while focusing on specific phoneme and blended combinations, eating great snacks and enjoying crafts that kinetically reinforced language concepts, my son learned to read basic sentences over the course of summer vacation and continues to develop, now that we’re past that first threshold, at a speedy rate.  And Mike’s Nutty Irishman lattes help mom stay focused on the lesson too!”  –Ria Schalnat

“We BOTH looked forward to class each Saturday morning. We couldn’t wait to see what fun activities Dr. Christy would have planned for us and which books she would share. I was fascinated by her clever ideas for helping kids “crack the code” of reading. Not only does Dr. Christy have a PhD in Early Literacy, she has years of experience as a classroom teacher right here in our community! This class is well worth the time and money. It was an investment in my child’s literacy that I am so glad I made!”  –Emily Morgan

Check out Dr. Christina Williams’s blog for more information.

We will be hosting a few free sessions of Foundations in the coming months.  Be advised that we will be filming during these sessions, so that we can offer online options for Foundations classes!  Stay tuned for more information, or fill out the contact form below.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in more information.

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